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A Plea To Repent
This is an earnest, heartfelt plea to the churches, pastors and congregations in Corpus Christi to leave behind all the easy-believism, foolishness and man-centered entertainment of the modern American "gospel" and return to the Biblically-grounded, Christ-centered, historical Gospel of Jesus Christ that is always relevant to any peoples, culture and generation.
What Is The Gospel?
Many believe that just because they walked down the aisle during an altar call, raised their hand when the preacher asked who wanted to accept Jesus Christ into their heart, or repeated the "Sinner's Prayer," that they are saved. The Bible does not teach such a Gospel. God commands all men everywhere to repent and believe the Gospel. Do you know what the Gospel is?
Need Encouragement?
In the midst of a culture that is degenerating at an accelerated pace, in a generation that has largely turned its back on sound Gospel preaching, sometimes a little encouragement is needed to press on and stand strong in the faith. Hopefully you may find some encouragement and help in the various articles and postings on this site.
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